Work from home vs Work in the office? Which is better?


Oh I hate that answer, sorry. But yes. I love working from home. I love working in an office. I love working in a coffee shop on a teeny island with 30 other WP geeks. I love working on my patio in 100 degree weather getting sunshine.

I also love reading in most of those places (I prefer reading at home).

But where you work is dependent on your comfort level of interaction. I do rather enjoy the value of face-time in person with my coworkers. And for me, getting up and getting OUT of the house is good for my mental health. This isn’t true of everyone, I know, but I think even if I worked ‘from home’ full time, I’d find a co-working space, so I could get out and interact at least 3 days a week with people outside my zone.

Also my office has ping pong, an arcade machine, and foosball, so there’s that.


Is there anything you hate about reviewing plugins?

Two things:

1) People who follow me home. Chasing after me, as an individual, in private email or twitter or my website AFTER I emailed you from the plugins email, demanding status updates or special treatment? Not cool. That’s how you get on my blacklist. Use the proper lines of communication please. I promise we’re not ignoring you (unless you’re emailing without a subject line, that probably got caught as spam).

2) Having to double-check licensing for all the flipping JS scripts and fonts, because there isn’t inline doc on it, or a license file.

The rest is all deal-able :)


Would you want your wife to work at DreamHost?

No, but possibly not for the reason you’re thinking.¬†

If we spent all day together, talking about everything, what fun would I have to tell her when I get home? I mean, tales of threatening to fart-bomb people may be funnier if we all knew the same people, but not having heard the story before makes it more fun to me. I like picking the craziest thing that happens all day and telling her.

Of course, I think she’d like working here.¬†


How do you find time to write so much?

I’m no Chris Lema but I do write at least 1500 words a day, almost every day. And by that I mean an individual piece of work at least 700 words long. It isn’t always techy, sometimes it’s bad fan fix (no, you can’t read that), sometimes it’s a review of a TV show, and sometimes it’s a random story about whales. But every single day, yes, I write.

I always wanted to be a writer, to be a famous one would be best, but it doesn’t really matter. The point, for me, was always to write. When I was in grammar school, my teacher, Nancy Sager, told me to write at least 300 words a day. I tried to challenge myself with 500, and it went on and on, until there’s actual pain when I don’t write. The story in my head cries, trying to get out.

So how do I find the time? I make it. I sit down and force myself to write. Maybe I throw it out, but I write, and write and I write.

It’s been well over 10,000 hours of my life, so I’m sure I don’t suck at it anymore.